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Chemical ConcernsHydrologic Cycle


It's not enough to just remove the chemicals from your drinking water. Remove them from your entire home.

Everyone knows chlorine is added to municipal water supplies. It has an objectionable taste and smell. For this reason many people have it removed from their drinking water. It's important to remove chlorine and other chemicals as well as most dissolved solids from our drinking water.

The water we shower with is as important as the water we drink.

Many people naively assume that water softeners remove chemicals from our water. They don't.

Chlorine is a gas that aerates as soon as it leaves your fixtures.

The highest concentration of chlorine you get in your household comes from showering.

ShowerMany researchers believe we absorb more chlorine gas through our lungs and our skin in a 10 minute shower than if we were to drink 8 glasses of chlorinated water a day.

You can absorb chlorine into your body more easily as a gas through your lungs and your skin than if you are drinking it in water.

Chlorine is only part of the problem. Adding chlorine to the water has created additional water problems.

Disinfection by-products - Naturally occurring organic compounds combine with chlorine to form disinfection by-products.

Disinfection by-products are much worse than chlorine. They have been found to be carcinogenic and have mutagenic properties as well.

Our skin is our body's largest organ.

Our skin breathes. It also absorbs water. Any chemicals that come in contact with our skin are absorbed as well, that's how the nicotine patch works.


If you went to the doctor and he said I want you to inject this syringe into yourself every day for the rest of your life, you would probably want to know what is in that syringe.

Unfortunately we don't know what is in our water. We just assume it is ok.

Since the industrial revolution we have created hundreds of thousands of chemicals. The EPA requires municipal water supplies to test for about 100 of the most common contaminants. It doesn't mean that others aren't in there.

We recommend you remove the chemicals from the water for your entire home. This means a softener alone is not the answer. We specialize in whole house filtration which means remove the chlorine from the water for your entire home, reduce the chemicals from your water for your entire home and soften the water for your entire home all in once piece of equipment. We utilize the latest in technology to provide a system that is guaranteed to work for 25 years.

Finally there is one system that can solve multiple water problems.

Chemicals - Chlorine

Many people buy water softeners to help with the cleaning problems hard water creates. Softeners help you use less soaps and cleaning products and protect the things in your home. Water softeners were never designed to address the chemical issues in our water.

Softeners represent 60 year old technology.

In today's world we have new water problems. Problems we didn't even know about 60 years ago. Luckily today there is equipment designed to deal with new water problems. Specifically chemicals like chlorine.

Water Softeners can not even remove simple chemicals like chlorine. They are just removing hardness. Technology has moved light years ahead since the 40's and 50's.

What if technology never moved ahead?Typewriter

In the 50's if you wanted to write a book or report you would use a typewriter. Today we use computers. With what you know today about the internet and email would you even consider buying a typewriter? Of course not, typewriters can not search the web, check email or even check your spelling.

Today's water problems require new solutions.

Chlorine is a gas that is added to municipal water to kill bacteria. It does a pretty good job of that, it kills 98% of the bacteria in our water. But it has side effects. Chlorine is a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) which means it aerates much quicker when it is heated. As soon as our water comes in contact with the air, the chlorine gas aerates. When we heat up that water it aerates much faster.

The latest health studies show that inhaling chlorine gas and absorbing it into our skin even in a 10 minute shower is much worse than drinking 8 glasses of chlorinated water each day. Chlorine and other VOC's are absorbed into our lungs and enter our blood stream, just like second hand smoke. When you drink contaminants, 40 - 60% of those contaminants may make it into our bloodstream. With inhalation, closer to 100% enters our bloodstream.

When we take a shower we usually have minimal ventilation in a small glass room. This exposure chamber puts whatever is in that water onto our skin. Our skin absorbs the chemicals in our water, just like a nicotine patch. If you don't hold your breath while you take a shower you are also inhaling those VOC's as well.

Chlorine and VOC's are not removed or even reduced by a water softener. WaterSoftener

A water softener only does half the job.

A water softener only protects the things in your home, not the people.

Hague whole house filtration systems protect the things in your home, but more importantly the people.

If you are seriously considering doing something for the water for your entire home, would you like those chemicals left in your water? You have a choice.

In today's world with chemical problems we don't recommend water softeners. Hague whole house filtration systems utilize the latest in technology to not only soften your water, but to reduce chemicals like chlorine and VOC's.


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