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Dry or Itchy Skin?Lotion


Have you ever considered the quality of your water?

A softener alone is not the answer.

Some people know hard water can give you dry skin, others think they don't have dry skin, they just like to use lotion. Surprisingly if they stopped using lotion they would have dry skin too. The water hardness on the Central Coast is no surprise. For this reason alone many families buy water softeners. 

In our line of work we see many people, and get a chance to really talk with them about water. It always intrigues me how everyone has a different reaction to the same water. Some people get dry skin. Some don't. Other people get itchy skin, dry scalps or elbows, cracked heels or even severe allergic reactions to the water.

Imagine if you had a child who would scratch themselves until they bleed. Of course you would take them to a dermatologist. The first thing that dermatologist might tell you to do is change your brand of soaps and detergents. (These laundry detergents use harsh chemicals to chemically soften the water. Many people have sensitivity to these chemicals and some are allergic.) If you have changed the brand of soaps you're using 3 or 4 times and the problem has not gotten any better, what would you do?

You might be surprised how many families are in this type of situation. Unfortunately they don't understand the chemical issues with our water. Maybe they buy a water softener, it makes the cleaning easier and the rest of the family's skin is not so dry but the child with horrible itchy skin is no better. Fortunately we have found some of these families and were able to help them improve their lives through better water. We never did figure out exactly what was in the water that made their skin irritated but whatever it was, the Hague WaterMax removed it!

If you had to take a bath in bottled water so your skin didn't feel "on fire" there would be no doubt in your mind that chemical removal is vital.

Many people who don't take the time to truly understand their water just assume because they don't feel the effects it's not affecting them.

How do you think a newborn baby feels the first time it is dunked into a chemical bath? After 9 months of living in amniotic fluid it probably wouldn't be too happy. But it can't vocalize it's discomfort other than cry. By the time they are able to talk they are "used to the water", or "it seems fine" This is the biggest reaction I get from people who don't want to take the time to understand the problem. It's like the people who live in Los Angles think the air is fine. We know different.

Most people who grew up on a private well with no chlorine hate showering in city water. They are used to not bathing in chemicals. Don't fall into the trap of thinking chlorine is ok because you're used to it.

You didn't create the problem. We didn't create the problem. We just created the solution. The only solution for your family is Hague Quality Water.

Water softeners are obsolete technology developed in the 40's to reduce scaling of plumbing. They were never designed to address chemicals. Every day we replace water softeners with Hague WaterMax systems. Our customers tell us when they bought a water softener they didn't understand that it didn't and couldn't do what they wanted. They wanted a system to protect the people in their home not just the appliances in their home.