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Our water softener will eliminate all your hard water problems


How do you know if you need a water softener?

  • Are you tired of cleaning your shower doors?
  • Are you tired of your kids not squeegeeing the shower doors?
  • Are you tired of cleaning the hard water deposits off your tile?
  • Are you tired of scrubbing the ring in your bathtub and toilets?
  • Are you tired of having to disassemble and clean your shower heads and faucets?
  • Are you tired of rewashing your laundry?
  • Are you tired of rewashing your dishes?
  • Are you tired of having to hand dry your glasses?
  • Are you tired of polishing water spots off your silverware?
  • Are you tired of drying off and cleaning your faucets?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

You came to the right place. Our water softener will save you time, money, and frustration.

Choices for your water softener options

The Watermax is our best water system. It is a water filter and a water softener backed by a limited 25 year warranty.

The Maximizer is our mid range system. It is a water filter and a water softener backed by a limited 15 year warranty.

Satisfied Water Softener Customer Testimonial

"Our showers and baths are very nice. The water is soft — not slimy as I imagined it would be. Everything rinses away cleanly, and our skin does really feel softer (don't you hate being right all the time?).


The drinking water tastes great, too! I really cannot tell the difference between my old favorite bottled water (Sparkletts). The ice cubes smell fresh and are crystal dear.


Cleaning is nicer too. There is no white residue around the faucets or sinks — everything wipes away cleanly!

We are using less soap in the dish washer and washing machine (just as you said) and everything comes out dean, clean, clean!


All in all, we are happy with the product. You were absolutely correct about everything.


Our bedroom is directly over the garage where the equipment was installed. The first two times the system emptied and refilled itself, I woke up wondering what the heck was going (sounded like someone had water running somewhere in the house).


I am the only one who ever heard it — I am a light sleeper, but have now adjusted and have no complaints at all. You have a fine product and we are very happy with it!"



Sue Nabhan (and family)


If you're feeling tired, we don't blame you. You need a water softener.

  • You're working a part time job that is no fun and you don't get paid!
  • How many hours a month do you spend dealing with the hard water mess?
  • The average person will spend 5 hours per month just doing all the things to keep your home clean with hard water.

Is it really necessary? What is your time worth?

You will be amazed, and surprised how affordable soft water is for your home.


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