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MTBE is found in gasoline (and other petroleum fuels) that is commonly stored in underground storage tanks (USTs).

MTBE is typically added to reformulated gasoline, oxygenated fuel, and premium grades of unleaded gasoline. The EPA has not set a national standard for MTBE [in drinking water], although some states have set their own limits.

The EPA is continuing to study both the potential health effects and the occurrence of MTBE, and it is on a list of contaminants (Contaminant Candidate List) for which the EPA is considering setting health standards. As a means of gathering occurrence information, the EPA requires all large drinking water systems and a representative sample of small systems, to monitor and report the presence of MTBE (reporting began in 2001). This is the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule.


WHAT'S THAT? DON'T THEY CHECK OUR WATER? Your water is checked for about 70 common water concerns. There are millions of chemicals that could be in our water. They are just unregulated.

Just because they don't test for them, doesn't mean they couldn't be in our water.

MTBE has been found in ground samples leaked from 46 gas stations in San Luis Obispo County.

Some did and some did not get into the water. The biggest MTBE water problems are in Morro Bay, Cambria and Los Osos. It has rendered several wells unusable. How can MTBE be removed or at least reduced? If you are drinking water from a properly maintained reverse osmosis system, there should be no MTBE in your water. But as for the rest of the water you are bathing in that is a different story.

15 years ago when the WATERMAX was designed it was specifically engineered to treat current and future water problems.

Back then we had never heard of MTBE, but the system design does have the ability to reduce chemicals through adsorption. No water softener has that ability.

MTBE is the contaminant we have been hearing about for the last few years. Who knows what we are going to hear about next year.

The solution is to simply fix your water so when you hear on the news about this or that, you have the peace of mind knowing that it is not going to affect you or your family.

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